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We ship to the US and Europe


The quality of the craftsmanship and consequent flexibility in production are what sets Soane apart.  Soane Britain has great faith and a belief in Britain’s traditional skills such as iron forging, saddlery, cabinet-making and bronze casting.  Soane carries no stock other than showroom models. Therefore, from Suffolk and Cornwall to the Forest of Dean, a Soane cottage industry of blacksmiths, silversmiths, upholsterers and saddle makers works away, making pieces to order.  Producing the hand-made collection in Britain allows production and quality to be relentlessly monitored.

In the fifteen years that Soane has been researching and working with British craftsmen it has not once been defeated in the search for the right person.  This is what makes production in Britain so exciting and rewarding.

Old-fashioned pride in their workmanship is a quality shared by all of our craftsmen. Every piece requires a variety of traditional skills that combine to make a superb piece, which will endure, in its classic design, its function and its exceptional quality.