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We ship to the US and Europe


Forging is one of the oldest known metal working processes.

In Welsh border country, a blacksmith’s workshop creates some of Soane’s most distinctive pieces.  Because each Soane design in made to order, forging allows it to be customised to the last detail from simple curtain poles to an eight man partners desk to a bespoke bathroom washstand.

Of all the forged pieces The Stag Table, poses the greatest challenge with each leg weighing 50lbs.  There is only one opportunity to beat it into shape – a second attempt will weaken the iron’s structure and leave it unable to take the weight of the table.  The leg’s exaggerated shape is moulded in minutes and each one, while entirely individual, needs to match its three siblings.

The standard blackened iron finish is lacquered to maintain its quality.  We also offer a bright polished steel as well as silver or gilded finish.