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Rattan Weavers

Soane Britain is proud to own the only remaining rattan weaving workshop in the country with ten exceptional craftsmen, each of whom learnt their trade as young men at an historic rattan manufacturer in Leicestershire.  With a rattan apprenticeship now established, Soane hope to have secured the future of this incredible craft in Britain.

The expert craftsmen make a wide variety of Soane rattan designs, from charming lampshades to magnificent sofas, and have the capabilities to create bespoke commissions of almost any kind – life-size rattan animals are a favourite challenge!   

Rattan production starts with the making of frames using thick canes that are steamed until pliable and bent into shape on wooden jigs.  Thinner rattan strands are soaked in water baths before ‘randing’ (the weaving of strands between rattan stakes) and ‘wrapping’ (binding around the cane frames).  The craftsmen work skilfully in three dimensions to create sculptural pieces with the distinct atmosphere of handwoven rattan and the inherent strength that ensures the longevity of Soane’s designs.
To watch Soane Britain’s rattan craftsmen video, click on number 23 in the map above and select video.
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