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Care Notes


Rattan is a natural fibre and is therefore susceptible to the elements. 

Soane rattan can be used outside but only in covered areas. We strongly recommend that you bring your furniture inside during the winter or wrap it with protective coverings. 

If rattan is exposed to water it will absorb moisture and darken.  If exposed to prolonged rain or frost it will rot from within.

Direct sunlight will affect the finish over a long period of time.

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Soane Wallpaper is block printed and hand finished in Britain using traditional methods. Our wallpaper is varnish coated making it suitable for high traffic or high moisture areas.

Block printing and hand finishing can result in a colour variation between rolls. Please double check with your decorator to ensure that you have ordered enough wallpaper for your project. Unfortunately we cannot accept returns of unused rolls.

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Our metal finishes, with the exception of Polished Nickel, Brushed Nickel and Polished Silver, are created by hand with a light application of wax to hold the finish. If the intention is to allow the surface to age naturally through oxidisation then no attention needs to be given. Finishes will age over time and can be gently polished with a non-abrasive cleaner and soft cloth to restore the original finish. The occasional use of a good quality, non-perfumed wax polish is also recommended.

Antique Brass must be wiped with a soft cloth only or the finish will rub back to polished brass.

Polished and Brushed Nickel and Polished Silver, which are our plated finishes, will also benefit from the occasional use of a chrome cleaner, followed by a wipe with a cloth impregnated with a light oil.

Please note that environmental conditions can have a dramatic effect on the stability of surface finishes. Industrial pollution, high humidity, sea air and acidic rain may well cause a finish to deteriorate prematurely.

We can lacquer our metal finishes; please contact our sales team to discuss. Note that additional costs and lead-time will apply.

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Soane Britain’s Buffalo Leather is sourced from free range Indian and Nigerian buffalo calves. Each hide is transported to Britain in its natural state to be hand treated and dyed with natural colours by one of the last tanneries in the UK. Using an engraved plate the Buffalo leather is rolled through a press to give the perfect impression of a wild Nigerian goat.

The leather is treated to help protect against sunlight, water based spillages and general wear and tear but if exposed to direct sunlight the leather will fade.

Any imperfections in the leather or uneven patches of colouration are due to the age and size of each animal and the hand dying process, giving each hide an individuality that cannot be found in commercially produced leather.

To clean the Buffalo Leather, we recommend nothing more than a soft cloth, dampened if necessary and applied evenly over the whole area. If the leather is looking dull, you can use a sparing application of natural furniture polish or leather wax to restore the lustre and create a light protection.

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