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Ferns and Fronds

16 June 2017

At Soane Britain, we delight in all things botanical and especially architectural plants with giant fleshy leaves and fabulous fronds. Since childhood, Lulu has been...
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Exotic Tulips

13 May 2016

The first delivery of British grown tulips to our Pimlico Road showroom always lifts the spirits, especially this year coinciding with the exciting launch of...
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A Passion For Palm Trees

7 October 2015

We have a great love of palms at Soane Britain, inspired by co-founder Lulu’s life long fascination with these magnificent trees. They pop up again...
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Flower Motifs

5 June 2015

Flower motifs often spring up across Soane Britain’s collections and the inspiration for these lies, rather surprisingly, in Lulu’s studies of Egyptology.  A love of...
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Botanical Inspiration

9 March 2015

It’s interesting how student work experiences can have a profound impact on how we see the world. When discussing Lulu’s inspiration behind two botanical print...
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