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Atmospheric Lighting

17 November 2017

Soane Britain’s ever-growing lighting collection reflects Lulu Lytle’s belief that lighting is the single most important factor in creating atmosphere in a room. Her thoughts...
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Rattan Details Revealed

21 March 2016

It is 10 years years since Soane Britain launched its first rattan design. The Ripple Console was a strikingly sculptural table that, with undulating contours...
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On The Veranda

18 August 2015

  Verandas immediately summon thoughts of relaxed living and colonial elegance in our Western consciousness. It is such a delight to be entertained on a...
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Flower Motifs

5 June 2015

Flower motifs often spring up across Soane Britain’s collections and the inspiration for these lies, rather surprisingly, in Lulu’s studies of Egyptology.  A love of...
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Crafts In The Spotlight

23 April 2015

It’s mesmerising watching rattan craftsman Phil at work, his nimble fingers interweaving and tightening the fine strands that gradually take the shape of a Soane...
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