Duro Olowu for Soane Britain - Launching 2nd March

Soane Britain, makers of beautiful furniture, textiles and lighting that celebrate the best of traditional craftsmanship, have collaborated with the fashion designer Duro Olowu on a new collection of striking, graphically patterned furnishing fabrics. Olowu is known for his vivid and sophisticated mix of patterns and textures that draw inspiration from his well-travelled life.

It was Olowu’s Instagram post of a window display in Soane’s Pimlico Road shop that sparked this collaboration. The result is a celebration of their shared passion for bold pattern and an authentic yet modern and innovative use of fabric and textiles.

Collection launching on 2nd March. For further information or to order samples, please contact us.

Timbuktu - Mirage

Timbuktu - Thorn Apple

Timbuktu - Baobab

Timbuktu - Grenat Vert

Koro - Baobab

Koro - Grenat Vert

Koro - Kola

Koro - Water Nymph

Regency Swirl - Adam's Pink

Regency Swirl - Etrurian Blue

Stencil Leaf - Raspberry