Spring Collection

Spring sees the launch of five entirely new fabric designs, with two printed linens taking their inspiration from 19th century floral patterns in Soane’s textile archive. Both ‘Mazzolino’ and ‘Trellis Twine’ use traditional motifs of flowers and foliage in warm reds and blues against light linen bases, the latter structured by a strong trellis shape and a wide border.

New wallpapers include ‘Berlioz’, based on a French pattern in one of Soane’s old Mulhouse pattern books from the 1830s.

Some of Soane’s most loved existing designs have been revisited, with several wallpapers appearing in new colourways this spring. These include ‘Wilton Vine’ from our collaboration with fine artist Sophie Coryndon, which is now available in Azure.

‘Fez Star’ is a geometric cotton weave that is faithful to the original Moroccan embroidered panel which it replicates in both its scale and luminosity. The three rich colourways of Crimson, Old Gold and Indigo are all typical of Moroccan weaves of this period. Two striped weaves also join the Soane collection, Sargent Stripe and the less formal Corded Stripe.