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Soane’s Journey to Net-Zero

For over 27 years, Soane has been committed to sustainability. Sustainability is integral to our long-lasting products and the way we work. We are determined to source our materials responsibly and reduce our environmental impact.

In 2022 we set ambitious goals to ensure we reach net-zero carbon emissions from all our controlled assets by 2030.


We are determined to source our materials responsibly, reduce our environmental impact, and protect the human rights of all those who work for us and our suppliers. We are extremely confident that we can meet these commitments in our own workshops and among our British-based makers. Our challenges lie deeper in our raw material supply chains, some of which are outside the UK.

We are pleased to share a few of our goals which will ensure we reach our ambitious goal of reaching net-zero carbon emissions from all our controlled assets by 2030.


With the global movement towards sustainability on our side, and by collaborating with like-minded suppliers and customers, we believe we can continue to improve. We are on a journey towards net-zero and are proud to share a few of our achievements to date.

Most Recent 2024 Milestone: Natural Upholstery

Soane is proud to have introduced natural upholstery across all upholstered designs. This milestone marks one of Soane’s most pressing sustainability goals: for all upholstery filling to be natural and biodegradable. As of March 2024, nine months ahead of schedule, all Soane’s seating designs use FR chemical free materials, avoiding the negative impacts on human and environmental health associated with petrochemical foam while retaining all its quality, durability, and comfort.

Working with industry experts and specialist upholsterers across Britain for two years, Soane has developed a natural alternative to petrochemical foam. Entirely free from fire-retardant chemicals, it is made from layers of graphite latex, organic coconut coir and organic British wool, and crucially still meets the UK’s strict fire regulations.

Our next challenge, in addition to being FR chemical free, is to ensure the wool-based interliner currently required by UK law for upholstery is also completely natural. With less than 5% to go, we’re confident we can achieve this goal.

2022 Scope 1 & 2 Carbon Emissions2022 Scope 1 & 2 Carbon Emissions

Scope 1 & 2 Carbon Emissions

Soane set clear goals to reduce our carbon emissions and responsibly source materials in order to reach net-zero carbon emissions from all our controlled assets by 2030. In 2022 we committed to set science-based scope 1 & 2 emission reduction targets in line with SBTi criteria and recommendations, which was approved by the SBTi.