Weaver in Residence

New York City

16th – 20th September

Lulu Lytle would be thrilled for you to join her and all of the US team in our Madison Avenue showroom to discover Soane’s rattan craftsmanship.

Weaver Kim Shuttlewood will be in residence to demonstrate the extraordinary qualities of rattan and the skills she has honed over the last 7 years, since joining our rattan workshop in Leicester, England.

Kim has learned her skills from her father, Chuk, who came out of retirement when Soane took ownership of the only remaining rattan workshop in the UK, passing his knowledge on to the next generation, having worked with rattan since he was a teenager. Kim is now proudly teaching two of her children the skills she has learned from her father, continuing the 150-year tradition of weaving in Leicester.

For the first time in the United States, we are delighted to invite you to learn first-hand the specialist skills involved in creating some of Soane’s most loved designs.

Please kindly RSVP with both your attendance and preferred appointment time.

Strictly by invitation only.