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Coral Wallpaper - Pink on Pink

This wallpaper is a replica of Coral fabric with its ‘fern’ pattern drawn from the background of Paisley Parrot. The design is subtle enough that from a distance, the wallpaper lends a gentle all-over colour and depth to a wall, but on closer inspection, the eye can wander across the many coral fronds that make up the pattern. It is offered in nine colourways. Our free-match Coral wallpaper has a small leaf motif that blends gracefully from drop to drop. Due to the randomness of the pattern, please note that it is occasionally possible to notice the joint under certain light conditions; this is a natural part of the design. Read about complementary wallpapers and fabrics in the The Soane Journal post, Wallpaper Stories, here.

Colours Available

  • Coral Wallpaper - Green
  • Coral Wallpaper - Gold
  • Coral Wallpaper - Pink
  • Coral Wallpaper - Cream on Ochre
  • Coral Wallpaper - Cream on Indigo
  • Coral Wallpaper - Chestnut
  • Coral Wallpaper - Azure
  • Coral Wallpaper - Blue

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