Metal Workers & Engineers

Metal Workers across the country are employed in the production of Soane Britain’s metal designs, from tables and shelving to lighting. Small workshops, each with their own specialisations – casting, engineering, fabricating, machining, finishing and plating metal – combine old and new techniques and tools for the best results. Traditionally trained craftsmen collaborate with Soane’s design and production teams to realise challenging designs that demand functionality as well as exceptional detailing and a superb finish.

In particular, Soane Britain’s lighting designs require the skills of several craftsmen, from precision engineers, expert at making designs with moving parts such as The Double Rise and Fall Light, to fabricators that meticulously ‘fit and finish’ components. Silversmiths, renowned for their fine craftsmanship, fostered through a British tradition of guilds and apprenticeships, are also employed to sheet metal on designs such as The Owl Lantern and The Large Aten Wall Light.