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With an uncompromising commitment to British manufacturing and as a result of over 25 years of collaboration with some of Britain’s finest makers, Soane has become a showcase for the best of the country’s established and new craft industries.

Quality of craftsmanship and flexibility in production underpin all that Soane makes. Every design is made in England calling upon the skills of numerous workshops, with makers that include blacksmiths, silversmiths, chair makers, saddlers and rattan weavers, who have been perfecting their arts over generations. A Soane Britain piece exemplifies cross-disciplinary collaboration, often traveling to a number of workshops in the process of its making, ensuring the best craftsmanship is deployed at each stage of its production.

Manufacturing the collection in Britain allows the quality to be closely overseen and regularly checked. Each Soane design demands a variety of traditional skills that combine to make a superb piece that will endure, in its classic design, its function and its craftsmanship.

Soane Britain is proud to champion British crafts, celebrating the enthusiasm and pride in workmanship shared by all its makers. Co-founder, Lulu Lytle, is a mentor supporting emerging craft businesses. Soane’s determination to secure the future of traditional crafts, has guided the company’s growth over the last 25 years, investing in its workshops, most notably reviving the last remaining rattan weaving workshop in the country where it has established an apprenticeship programme.

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