The Wild Camel is critically endangered with less than 600 surviving in China and only 450 in Mongolia. The species has suffered a drastic reduction in its range, now occurring in only three separated habitats in the Gobi Desert. The Wild Camel (camelus ferus) is not to be confused with all other camels and has been designated a separate species which scientists think avoided domestication. The Wild Camel Protection Foundation (WCPF) is currently working with Government and local authorities in China and Mongolia to save this remarkable creature and its pristine desert environment from extinction and destruction.

Lulu Lytle is a trustee of the WCPF and has designed the Camel Doorstop with the specific aim of donating all profits from the sale of every doorstop to WCPF to support them in carrying out their crucial work.

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Images courtesy of the Wild Camel Protection Foundation

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