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Palampore Blossom - Geranium

Palampore Blossom was inspired by a wonderful eighteenth century Indian palampore, a type of hand painted bedcover traditionally produced for Europeans in India. Each palampore would take hours to create with complex and elaborate patterns depicting a wide variety of plants, flowers and animals. The fanciful flowers and leaves often seen in Indian textiles arose from a re-interpretation of unfamiliar plants seen in sample pattern books sent to producers from England and France. By adding a screen, it has been possible to print the strong geranium red background. Lulu’s desire to replicate the spirit and scale of the original document means that there is an irregular repeat and a relatively narrow usable width compared to the full pattern width. Clients should therefore be aware of the need to order more fabric to make up a full width. Please note that this is not a half drop repeat. 132.5cm width, 106cm usable width. To find out how hand printed fabrics are created please click here.

Colours Available

  • Palampore Blossom Wallpaper - Pink and Red
  • Palampore Blossom Wallpaper - Eau de Nil
  • Palampore Blossom - Eau de Nil
  • Palampore Blossom - Indian Pink
  • Palampore Blossom - Blue and Brown
  • Palampore Blossom Wallpaper - Blue and Brown

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