We use metals – mainly brass and steel – in our furniture and light fittings.

The issue

Metals are derived from mined ores which are smelted.  Some metals are produced by recycling scrap.  Both processes are highly energy intensive, producing carbon dioxide and other emissions.  Poorly managed mines have been implicated in harm to local ecosystems, nearby communities and miners.

The challenge

While the mining industry has made great strides in improving its management systems and preventing harm, it is extremely difficult to trace the source of metals with any accuracy.

Soane’s commitment

It is extremely important that we source all metals responsibly. This is complicated due to large global supply chains. While we cannot supply metals directly and are dependent on intermediaries, we are investing considerable time to ensure we are gathering accurate information and buying the most sustainably mined metals available. This is a first step to ensure metals used in Soane designs are mined in a way that is safe for miners and minimises negative impacts on local ecosystems and communities. We are looking to increase the volume of metals sourced from ISO14001 certified supply chains and recycled metals used. We’ve already made progress by using scrap metal from the manufacture of vintage car wheels in our Yacht Table as internal structural support.