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A combination of joyful prints and weaves make up Soane’s collection of fabrics. They are all inspired by Lulu Lytle’s personal collection of antique textiles, particularly the rich motifs and colours found in Eastern Mediterranean and North African fabrics. Age-old patterns are studied and their compositions and colours sensitively reworked into contemporary fabric designs that retain a sense of their exotic heritage. There is a distinct Soane palette running through the plains and patterns, enabling clients to pull together a host of style and colour combinations from within the Soane collections.

Fabrics are made in British mills and workshops, employing traditional methods, such as block and screen printing, to create high quality modern fabrics that capture the atmosphere of hand crafted products. A custom service is available across the fabrics range, with the option to commission alternative print colours or base cloths. 

For an overview on the Soane palette, see Colour At Soane in the Journal here.

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Number of Designs (191)
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  • Large Repeat (77)
  • Small Repeat (83)
  • Stripe (45)
  • Floral (58)
  • Geometric (22)
  • Plain (30)
  • Pattern (160)
  • Print (116)
  • Weave (62)
  • Reversible (9)
  • Red (32)
  • Blue (67)
  • Green (51)
  • Grey (7)
  • Orange (8)
  • Duck Egg Blue (2)
  • Neutral (14)
  • Gold (19)
  • Brown (16)
  • Yellow (11)
  • Pink (34)
  • White (1)
  • Multicoloured (29)
  • Cotton (74)
  • Linen (93)
  • Linen Sheer (4)
  • Indoor-Outdoor (3)
  • Mutka Silk (12)
  • Flax (37)
Number of Designs (191)
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Woven Symi - Amaranth - Weave

Bergamot Leaf - Tobacco - Stone Linen

Hydrangea Silhouette - Emerald - Ivory Linen

Sophie Coryndon - Wilton Vine - Old Gold - Cotton Poplin

Hydrangea Lace - Sunflower - Ivory Linen

Safavid Carnation - Oleaster - Ivory Linen

Woven Symi - Olive - Weave

Musical Garden - Original - Linen

Hydrangea Lace - Hortense - Linen Sheer

Sophie Coryndon - Wilton Vine - Moss - Cotton Poplin

Bergamot Leaf - Moss - Stone Linen

Safavid Carnation - Date - Sand Linen

Woven Symi - Sienna - Weave

Sophie Coryndon - Wilton Vine - Hart Green - Cotton Poplin

Hydrangea Lace - Moss - Ivory Linen

Woven Symi - Old Gold - Weave

Bergamot Leaf - Sorolla Red - Stone Linen

Hydrangea Silhouette - Azure - Linen Sheer

Sophie Coryndon - Wilton Vine - Musk - Cotton Poplin

Hydrangea Lace - Sorolla Red - Stone Linen

Karun Thakar - Coromandel Tulip - Original - Ivory Linen