New Rattan Designs

New rattan designs include mirrors, seating, tables and bookcases. The Rattan Walpole Mirror is influenced by the distinctive silhouettes in Horace Walpole’s house at Strawberry Hill, with its pointed arch speaking to the villa’s “Strawberry Hill Gothic” style. The ‘Rattan Neith Tables’ are configured to work as dining, centre and side tables. Re-worked in rattan, their form is loosely inspired by the Arts & Crafts movement’s spiderweb silhouettes. As with all Soane’s rattan designs they are made at its own Leicestershire workshop. A pair of favourite side tables, the ‘Rattan Osiris Side Table’ and the ‘Dryad Rattan Leighton Table’, now have lower siblings, particularly useful in front of sofas, and the ‘Rattan Hurlingham Column Bookcase’ also takes on a new more compact form, with a single column of shelves. The ‘Rattan Upholstered Venus Stool’, on the other hand, gains height with a new countertop edition.

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